Best Ducati Monster 821 Exhausts

May 21, 2019

The BEST exhausts for the Ducati Monster 821 are made by SC-Project

Adding a performance exhaust to your Ducati Monster 821 is an awesome upgrade. Not only does it shed weight, but the increased exhaust air flow allows for top performance, and that amazing exhaust tone that EVERY Ducati should have! Here are a few of the most popular options.

SC1-R Exhaust

best ducati monster 821 slipon exhaust

SC1-R silencer has been studied and developed by SC-Project R&D department, to be the new benchmark for World Superbike Championship. The diamond hexagonal shaped body is made in full titanium and the outlet is in matte carbon fiber that gives to the SC1-R an aggressive racing look. The new SC1-R is the perfect synthesis of SC-Project mission: study and produce exhaust for the best race teams in Superbike and MotoGP. Performance, weight reduction and sound with the excellence of a product made in Italy.

Dual CR-T Exhaust

ducati monster 821 exhaust

Alongside its racing look, the CR-T combines some of the most technologically advanced materials in the world. Proven to withstand the intense heat of race engines, the CR-T is ready to race. The CR-T Exhaust is a race replica exhaust that is designed for the aggressive rider that likes it light and loud.

 Dual GP70-R Exhaust

ducati gp70r monster slipon exhaust

The GP70-R exhaust is faithful to its racing heritage. The race inspired GP70-R is constructed with titanium internals to guarantee a lightweight and aggressive exhaust that delivers maximum performance. The unique titanium angled end cap, makes this exhaust stand out from the crowd.